Heart of Glass

Glass eye on the world

Something in the Water!!! Lovely

Ottoman Chandeliers this is a beautiful piece of art. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

'Spanish Synagogue' Photography By John Galbo

'Spanish Synagogue' Photography By John Galbo

Multicolored Acrylic Sculptures by Vasa Mihich.

Stain glass window style.

Vassels By Mattia and Marco Salvadore. Blown and Carved Glass with Cane and Murrine. Lovely!!!

Vases By Giles Bettison, Murrini Glass.

Giles Bettison is a master glass artist from Adelaide, SA, Australia. He has evolved the ancient Venetian technique called “Murrini” or mosaic glass to construct patterned sheets from colored glass canes. He cuts and combines these sheets to build his luminous vessels piece by piece.

Art By Emerico Toth

Art By Emerico Toth

Colorful Abstract Flowers . Very nice!!!